Migrating to Slipstream

General Notes
Concepts and how to get the Client code base up with Java 3D and NetBeans.

Presentations and Official Information

An exercise in scalable design patterns and programming best practices for Project Darkstar.

JavaOne 2009 Darkstart PresentationProject
Darkstar: A Scalable Application Server for Games

Log Files and Running Comentary

Rebuild effort (28nov14)
A revisit to make sure the code base builds and runs in NetBeans.

Commands: Inner and Outer (01may11)
An attempt to explan how Commands cause actions in the game.

Zombie Follow Bug (28apr11)
Some effort to hunt down the Server bug causeing a Zombie::doSomthing() NULL exception.

Decoupling the Client (24apr11)
Time to bite the bullet and finally decouple the Client from the Server code and make a Common shared library for data structures and definitions.

Adding Arrival Event Messages to Support Avatars (25nov10)
This mod is to enhance the Message Factory to support an arrival message to be broadcast to all Clients by the Server.

Moving to RDS 0.10.2 (01nov10)
Moving the to the Red Dwarf 0.10.2 distribution.

Upgrading the Room Properties File to Map 3D (08oct10)
Having added the 3D view to the Client, putting in the correct parameter for each Room in the MudMain.properties file so that it will build up the complex as it is explored.

Upgrading the Room Loader and Door Response to a Direction Command
Upgrading the Room Loader to bring in position and dimensions information and have the Door send that data to the Client.

Recursive Room Loader
Understanding how the recursive room and item loader brings in the game properties.

Adding Interactive NPCs
Notes on generating NPCs for the game.

Going Online
Notes on the effort it took to put the server online.

Keying Items to Doors
How do you require the player to have a certain item to be able to get through a certain door?

Keying Items to Rooms
How do you require the player to have a certain item to be able to access a certain room?

Moving to Red Dwarf (Oct 30, 2010)
Notes on moving from the Project DarkStar (PDS) distribution to the Red Dwarf server distribution.

Adding New Rooms
Notes on making a maze for the game.

Client Distribution
Notes on handling the Client distribution.

Understanding Server/Client Communications
Basic overview of the Darkstar Server-Client Communications system.

More Communications Information
Notes on parsing messages for game interactions.

Project Darkstar Quest
This is a running commentary on my efforts to both learn about the Darkstar system and to bring to life a playable multi player internet game.