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Project Darkstar Quest

This is a running commentary on my efforts to both learn about the Darkstar system and to bring to life a playable multi player internet game. These notes are being generated in real time to capture all the successes, side tracks, errors, and decisions as I progress along this path, so please excuse the grammar, spelling, and lack of editing.;)

This project is being done mostly on Windows Vista, but also on Linux Fedora 10. Using NetBeans 6.5 for building code.

Here's my story from start to having a server online.

The Begining
Go to the Start area

Download .zip files for the Java server and Java client from
and upzip

Review the tutorials..not much changed

Go over to
to look at the Hack game example.

Plan 1: Get the tutorial server and client (HelloWorld) working by using the tutorials.
Here's what happened during Plan 1. Getting something, anything working. In this case, the precompiled server and client.

Plan 2: Compile my own Client to print out messages in raw form. This later changed to
Plan 2: working through the JavaOne 7400 Lab and build a text based MUD.
Here's what happened during Plan 2. Getting a basic development environment going. Exercise 1 of JaveOne Lab 7400 MUD.

Plan3: Proceed to Exercise 2 of Lab 7400
Here's what happened during Plan 3. Battled with ManageObjects / ManagedReferences, but can do Exercise 2 now.

Plan 4: Proceed to Exercise 3 of Lab 7400
Happenings in Plan 4. Gettting Rooms and Doors up. A few code bugs, but you can now wander around and use stuff.

Plan 5: Proceed to Exercise 4 of Lab 7400
Happenings in Plan 5. Getting the NPCs to wander around. No major problems.

SideTask: Install Subversion and TortoiseSVN client for version control.

Plan 6: Proceed to Exercise 5 of Lab 7400
Happenings in Plan 6. Adding Chat to the project. Everything done now. Code changes uploaded to darkmud-redux on
Minor bug left..the Map room.

Side Task: Try to make a clean NetBeans project and a dedicated launch area. Well, one out of two's not bad.

Plan 7: Fix the Map thing. DONE.
Happenings in Plan 7. Can't save a channel. Just get it by name when needed. Everything works now.

Final Plan: Putting it Online.
Happenings getting online server up. DONE.

Idea I

DS Client is really a GUI display, so messages are mostly changes to the display.
Login Login
Client Messages Messages Server
Logout Logout

Most displays are either Text, 2D, Isometric, 3D or a combination of these.

Helpful Tool

A Message Debug Client:
    It displays all messages from the Server and allow messages to be constructed and sent to the Server.
    Has a translator for convert Message Tags and other information into test and visa versa.

Option A:

    Also supports Channels.