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  An experiment gone wrong? A mad scientist's scheme? A freak occurance of an inter-dimentional time warp? 

Who cares? The place is swarming with things to kill and you're trapped right in the middle of it. If you can find a few friends that don't want to kill you, then you may survive, then again, maybe not.

ZMUohmy is a text based MUD game of exploration, combat, puzzles, quests, and area control. Your task, as one of four types of specialists, is to clear out all of the monsters, destroy or deactivate their spawn points, take back control of the entire base, and maybe find out who's responsible for this mess. 


Currently, you can walk around and do a little interaction. The GUI has been enhanced to show player information, but it is only for display right now.

Commands are similar to other text games.

look    Tells you what you can see in the area.
go <dir>    To move north, south, up, down, etc. (i.e. "go n" to move north.) You can usually move in any direction that you can see a opening to.
help        Shows available commands

Combat is automatic at this time. If a zombie enters your area or you enter theirs, then combat occurs.

Last Updated: February 17, 2016
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