New Client

Upgrading the Client to 3D (06dec10)
Running log on adding 3D to the Client

Playing with 3D
Testing Java 3D from "Killer Game Programming in Java"

Game Mechanics

Combat Interaction
Notes on combat interaction with monsters.

Combat Resolution
How combat is resolved. The effects of weapons, armor, skills, etc.

Death and Dying
How death is handled. Respawn mechanics. Health regeneration and such.

Game Design Document (Updated 23mar16)
This is the overview and concept document.

Message Handling
This document describes the Message Factory concept. It was brought over from another game.

Commnication Channels
Notes on how the various types of communication channels work on the server.

Info Lists
Some notes on the use of List objects.

Designing a Managed Object
My efforts at building my own Managed Object.

New Client Design
A log of what I went through to develop a client for Zombies, Mutants, and Undead oh My (ZMUohMy).

Quest NPC
Design log of the development of the Quest NPC class.

Message Factory
Detailed discussion of how the message factory concept works.